The Stone

The Stone

i stand alone

the single stones

Green Tourmaline cushion
31,85 cts.
origin Congo

Morganite pear shape
origin Mozambique

Blue/green Tourmaline cushion 17,72 cts.
origin Namibia

Mandarine Garnet octagon 12,06 cts.
origin Nigeria

Rubellite hot pink
Cruzeiro mine Brazil

Peridot cushion 37,34 cts.
mint green, origin Pakistan

Orange Tourmaline oval
origin Mozambique

Morganite group
origin Mozambique

Pink Topaz cushion
origin Brazil

Paraíba Tourmaline oval 10,49 cts.
origin Mozambique

Pink Morganite 11,55 cts.
origin: Madagascar

Zircon 14,85 cts.
origin: Sri Lanka

Pink Morganite 10,31 cts.
origin: Mozambic

Morganite and Aquamarine drops

Amethyst paisley pair, buff top

Green Beryl 17,07 cts.       
origin: Mozambic

Amethyst fancy faceting
origin: Brazil

Spinel Pink - 5.04 cts.


Aquamarine oval - 15.33 cts.

Photos are only samples from previous productions. They may not represent the present stock.